Michael Chekhov Europe

Michael Chekhov Europe e.V.

"Michael Chekhov Europe e.V." is a non-profit association registered in Frankfurt a.M., Germany. It is a peer-to-peer organisation.

We, the founders, have all been highly inspired by the Michael Chekhov acting technique and use it in an ongoing process in our own professional lives. Over the years the most of us met in that or another way, mostly at workshops organised by the „Michael Chekhov Association,“ MICHA in New York. Thank you, MICHA for your pioneer-work!

Our mutual longing to deepen our own experiences with the Michael Chekhov Technique and to offer possibilities here in Europe for others to do the same has led to the birth of this European organization. Together we follow this process and are excited to see where it will lead us.


The Founders are:

  • Carlos Aladro, Madrid, Spain
  • Marjolein Baars, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Hanna Linde, Frankfurt a. M., Germany
  • Ulrich Meyer-Horsch,Hamburg, Germany
  • Jesper Michelsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Suzana Nicolic, Zagreb,Croatia
  • Tarja Nyberg, Helsinki, Finland
  • Asa Salvesen, Ekenäs, Finland
  • Griet Spanhove, Brugge, Belgium
  • You-Ri Yamanaka, London, UK





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