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"As Michael Chekhov’s pupil, I learned more than acting... Every time he spoke, the world seemed to become bigger and more exciting... Acting became an art that increased your life and mind."

Marilyn Monroe


MCE offers workshops in Germany, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, North-Macedonia, Lebanon, Turkey, Russia, Armenia, and Israel. We also work in East Asia and Latin America, in collaboration with studios in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and Uruguay. Working language is English. On stage, participants may act in their own language.


Michael Chekhov Europe Training

Our educational programme Michael Chekhov Europe Training covers the whole Chekhov Technique in six modules and one individual project. The full programme can be achieved within two years. It is possible to enter at any module.

Module 1: Making Contact: Living Images: Body – Imagination – Emotion
Module 2: The Moving Space: Atmosphere – Creative Individuality – Play
Module 3: Psychological Gesture: The Spine of the Character: Objectives – Qualities – Archetypes
Module 4: ‘Me’ is The Other: Transforming into the Character: Imaginary centres – Imaginary body
Module 5: Communion with the Audience: Giving – Receiving – Sharing
Module 6: The Architecture of Performance: Improvisation – Composition – Style
Project: What I have to say! Applying the technique in your own artistic working field

The Training Programme has been created by MCE founding members Ulrich Meyer-Horsch, Suzana Nikolic, and Jesper Michelsen. It is taught by a faculty of 25 teachers from different countries (see below).

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Our studio in Zagreb:  www.studiochekhov.hr
Our school in Hamburg:  www.sfsh.de/chekhov-international



Michael Chekhov Europe Training

Workshops 2020 / 2021


COVID19 – general information
This summer we had to cancel several workshops due to Covid19. As the world slowly opens again, we are coming back step by step and hope to be able to offer our programme in full strength soon again. Our FIRST WORKSHOP IN THE WORKING SPACE will be conducted in October in HAMBURG.



The Art of Imagination
- online workshop -

August 14-16, 2020
Suzana Nikolic, Zagreb, Croatia
Jesper Michelsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Ulrich Meyer-Horsch, Hamburg, Germany

Images are the core of the actor's creativity, the fuel of ideas and emotions. How do we create images? And how do we embody images, make them physical, so that we can share them with the audience in times of the pandemic?

Costs: 160,--€ - Further

details: link to announcement online workshop - Application: iris.tomic2@gmail.com



‘Me’ is the Other: Building a Character
Chekhov International Autumn School
Hamburg, Germany, October 14-18, 2020

Jesper Michelsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Olivia Rüdinger, Hamburg, Germany
Ulrich Meyer-Horsch, Hamburg,
Germany Jessica Cerullo, New York, USA (online guest)

“All true artists bear within themselves a deeply rooted and often unconscious desire for transformation.” (M. Chekhov) The “Other”, i.e. the character in a play, is always bigger than the personal experience of the performer. Michael Chekhov therefore asks us to look at the differences between the character and ourselves rather than at the similarities. If we dive into the inner and outer world of this other person, we will discover a whole new world.

MCE Training module 4 at Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg

Costs: 420,-- € / 390,--€

Note on COVID19:
At our school we follow a strict hygiene plan to make sure you feel free in your artistic work. Our working spaces are big enough for physical work in a safe environment. The number of participants is limited. We will evaluate this situation again every week. In case of any changes you will be informed immediately.

Further details: link to announcement Hamburg workshop and www.sfsh.de/chekhov-international




Workshops 2021


Psychological Gesture for Film Acting
Hamburg, Germany, March 10-14, 2021
Hugh O’Gorman, Long Beach, California, USA
Jan Oberndorff, Hamburg, Germany
Ulrich Meyer-Horsch, Hamburg, Germany

The Psychological Gesture is a psycho-physical movement that awakens the actor’s inner life. It serves as a key to the essential features of the character and enables the actor to express and embody the character’s objectives. Stirring our will power, the Psychological Gesture gives the will a definite direction, awakens feelings, and gives us a condensed version of the character and his/her relationships. It is extremely useful for the work in front of the camera.

Chekhov International Spring School at SfSH / MCE Training module 3
Costs: 450,-- € / 420,-- €

Further details: www.sfsh.de/chekhov-international



Communion with the Audience

Tel Aviv, Israel, July 2021
David Zinder, Tel Aviv, Israel, and team

Whatever we create on stage, we are creating not for ourselves but for others: for the audience. We want to give. What are the questions of your audience? What do you have to give to them? Do you enjoy giving? Are you generous?

MCE Training module 5 / costs: 450,-- € / 420,-- €

Further details:



Making Contact: Living Images
Groznjan, Croatia, July/August 2021
Suzana Nikolic, Zagreb, Croatia, and team

Our lives make a difference when we connect, when we make contact. In order to make our work on stage authentic and alive, we need to get into contact with both our inner images and our emotions within seconds.

12th Michael Chekhov Summer Academy / MCE Training module 1 Costs: 450,-- € / 420,-- €



The Architecture of Performance
Breath, Composition, Style

Hamburg, Germany, October 2021
Olivia Rüdinger, Hamburg, Germany
Ulrich Meyer-Horsch, Hamburg, Germany

Improvisation as art is the core of the creative process. It includes curiosity to take risks, to open up for the unknown and surprising as well as the skill to shape the given material – may it be text, movement, music or space. Creating and rehearsing a play, choreography or a musical score, needs a strong sense for rhythm and tempo. This is where Composition comes into play: “In nature and art, there are mathematical laws and principles that structure and balance form.” (Mala Powers) This Feeling for Composition creates contours and gives the expression of ideas, dialogues, movements, shapes and colours a deeper meaning and visible form. Chekhov International Autumn School at SfSH /
MCE Training module 6 Costs: 450,-- € / 420,-- €

Further details:



The Moving Space
Skopje, North Macedonia, October/November 2020

Ulrich Meyer-Horsch, Hamburg, Germany

MCE Training module 2 / More information to come



More workshops will be offered in:
Rome (Italy); Istanbul (Turkey); Sirince/Izmir (Turkey); Zagreb (Croatia); Skopje (North Macedonia); Yerevan (Armenia); Tokyo and Osaka (Japan); Taipei (Taiwan); and other cities. – details to be announced.

International faculty and guest teachers:
Suzana Nikolic (Croatia), Ulrich Meyer-Horsch (Germany), Jesper Michelsen (Denmark), David Zinder (Israel), Jobst Langhans (Germany), Asa Salvesen (Finland), Lenard Petit (USA), Sol Garre (Spain), Olivia Rüdinger (Germany/USA), Joanna Merlin (USA), Ted Pugh (USA), Sarah Kane (UK), Marjolein Baars (Netherlands), Jessica Cerullo (USA), Hugh O’Gorman (USA), Jan Oberndorff (Germany), Craig Mathers (USA), Anne Gottlieb (USA), Cynthia Ashperger (Canada), Wladimir Tarasjanz (Germany/Russia), Dawn Arnold (USA), Burcu Halacoglu (Turkey), Elsa Valentim (Portugal).

The complete Training Programme is also taught at:
Schule für Schauspiel Hamburg / Chekhov International School
(Germany); StudioChekhov Croatia (Zagreb); Yeditepe University Istanbul (Turkey); Taipei Theater Lab (Taiwan), and ITI Singapore.


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