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"As Michael [Chekhov]’s pupil, I learned more then acting... Every time he spoke, the world seemed to become bigger and more exciting... Acting became an art that increased your life and mind."

Marilyn Monroe


Most Workshops MCE offers are international. The teaching language is generally english, but participants can act in their own language. The Workshops are organized by the members of the net or in cooperation with other organizations.


The workshops within the "International Michael Chekhov Training (IMCT)" are open for everybody!




International Michael Chekhov Training

The "International Michael Chekhov Training" is created and taught by the net members Suzana Nicolic (Croatia), Ulrich Meyer-Horsch (Germany), Jesper Michelsen (Denmark) and guests.

It consists of four formats:

1. The Art of Acting and Creating Programme ( AAC)
Five workshop modules within two years.
Download Programme:    michaelchekhovtraining

2. Local Introductory Workshops

3. "The Creative Impulse" series

4. Michael Chekhov Summer Retreat


For further informations click here:   International Michael Chekhov Training



Michael Chekhov Europe Training

Workshops 2017



Meisner meets Chekhov: On Relationship

Vienna, Austria, April 28-30, 2017

Dunja Tot, Vienna, Austria
Ulrich Meyer-Horsch, Hamburg, Germany

In this workshop we will combine Meisner Technique and Chekhov Technique in dialogues and scene study. Participants will learn how to put their full attention on their partners, to act and to listen truthfully, while being fully themselves. They will train how to improve listening abilities, make specific and bold acting choices, and take risks.
Costs: 290,--€ / 260,--€

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The Psychological Gesture (Characterization I)

Rome, Italy, May 10-14, 2017

Ulrich Meyer-Horsch, Hamburg, Germany
Alessandra Felli, Rome, Italy (assistant)

The Psychological Gesture is probably the most famous tool of Michael Chekhov’s acting technique. It is a psycho-physical movement that awakens the actor’s inner life. It serves as a key to the essential features of the character and enables the actor to express and embody the character’s objectives.
Stirring our will power, the Psychological Gesture gives the will a definite direction, awakens feelings, and gives us a condensed version of the character and his/her relationships.

MCE Training module 3 / costs: 300,--€ / 250,--€
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Body – Imagination – Emotion

Making Contact with Living Images

Tel Aviv, Israel, July 24-29, 2017

Suzana Nikolic, Zagreb, Croatia
David Zinder, Tel Aviv, Israel
Jörg Andrees, Berlin, Germany

Our lives make a difference when we connect, when we make contact. In order to make our work on stage authentic and alive, we need to get into contact with both our inner images and our emotions within seconds.
Images are the core of the actor's creativity, the fuel of ideas and emotions. How do we create images? And how do we embody images, make them physical, so that we can share them with the audience?

MCE Training module 1 / costs: 420,-- € / 390,-- €
Further details: dzinder@yahoo.com



Listening to your Character

Izmir/Sirince, Turkey, August 7-13, 2017

Ulrich Meyer-Horsch, Hamburg, Germany
Erdem Senocak, Sirince, Turkey

Creating a character from a play starts with listening: Listening to the inner images surrounding the actor as living beings, listening to the author’s text and the given circumstances of the scene, listening to the space, listening to my artistic self as actor, listening to the audience and to the needs of our time… What does it mean to give up our “daily-life ego“ and follow the character? It’s an expedition into the unknown, an exciting adventure.

Further details www.tiyatromedresesi.org



Chekhov Technique for Camera Acting

Vilnius, Lithuania, August 2017

Suzana Nikolic, Zagreb, Croatia
Further details to be announced



Michael Chekhov Summer Academy
The Architecture of Performance

Groznjan (Istria), Croatia, August 21-27, 2017

Anne Gottlieb, Boston, USA
Jesper Michelsen, Copenhagen, Denmark
Suzana Nikolic, Zagreb, Croatia
Ulrich Meyer-Horsch, Hamburg, Germany

Improvisation as Art is the core of the creative process. It includes curiosity to take risks, to open up for the unknown and surprising as well as the skill to shape the given material – may it be text, movement, music or space. Creating and rehearsing a play, choreography or a musical score, needs a strong sense for Rhythm and Tempo.
This is where Composition comes into play. “In nature and art, there are mathematical laws and principles that structure and balance form.” (Mala Powers) This Feeling for Composition creates contours and gives the expression of ideas, dialogues, movements, shapes and colours a deeper meaning and visible form.

MCE Training module 6 / costs: 450,-- € / 420,-- €
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Communion with the Audience
Giving – Receiving – Sharing

Hamburg, Germany, October 24-28, 2017
Olivia Rüdinger, Ulrich Meyer-Horsch, Jan Oberndorff

Whatever we create on stage, we are creating not for ourselves but for others: for the audience. We want to give. “What is it that we in the theatre give? Instead of images on canvas or in the form of statuary or music, we give our body, voice, feelings, will, imagination – we give a form of pulsating art to life itself.” (M.Chekhov) When developing a production or a piece – what are your intentions and aims? What are the questions of your audience? What do you have to give to them? Do you enjoy giving? Are you generous?

MCE Training module 5 / costs: 450,-- € / 420,-- €


More workshops will be offered in: Istanbul (Turkey): June 7-11, 2017; Rome (Italy): October 2-6, 2017; Lisbon (Portugal): February 2018; and Zagreb (Croatia): 2018 – details to be announced.

The modules are also taught as ongoing programmes at: StudioChekhov Croatia (Zagreb); Chekhov International School Hamburg (Germany); Yeditepe University Istanbul (Turkey); and Taipei Theater Lab (Taiwan).


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